Response Paper on Women in the Army

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English 155
26 February 2013
Response Paper
“By 2016 the plan is to open up units for women in our Country’s Military smaller combat, unless the military convinces Pentagon civilians that certain all male units are worth preserving” (Thompson 1). I believe that women should be able to fight in combat alongside of the men. I believe this because if a woman is willing and eager to enlist in the military in hopes of fighting for her country, then obviously this woman is ready to take on anything. With men being predominately stronger than women, women will have to work that much harder in order to prove their spot. As far as physical testing goes, men and women should be put into one category, Adults. There should not be a difference in physical capability when they will both be fighting on the same grounds, with the same equipment. Women are very intelligent and strong minded, so it would actually work in our favor to have women being in charge of missions. From a survey I conducted 5 out of 5 students stated that they would not feel safe with 85% of our combat soldiers were women. Now why is that? Some said it was because women are not emotionally able to protect in which the way a man could, and others stated that they would fear of becoming a “weak” nation. I understand as a woman myself, that women are very sensitive and become emotionally attached fairly quicker than men, but that should not hinder the women who truly want to fight for our country and live that kind of lifestyle. All women and men are different, so we should not categorize our women. If a woman desperately wants to become part of the smaller combat units she will work her hardest and make sure that she is able to pass all tests in order to do her dream job. As long as the female fights for freedom as hard as any other combat solider, then why not make her a part of the team?

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