Respect Your Parents

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Listen To Your Parents
In this paper I will explain the famous morale quote about listening to your parents, and its influence in the modern society we live in. I chose this particular topic after reading the story of Daudauis and Icarus. It will also include the statistics showing the influence parents have on their children today, in the topics of smoking, and divorce.

In the story Daudauis and his son Icarus are locked in a tower in the city of Crete. Daudis fearing that Minos the king will kill them decides to invent a set of wings for himself and his son. He creates the wings from bird feathers, and assembles them with wax. After he and his son learn to use them they set off for Sicily. Dauduis warns his son not to fly to close to the sun because it will melt his wings, and not to fly to close to the water because the wings will dampen and become hard to fly. Icarus becomes so overwhelmed with the freedom of flying he flies to high and the son melts the wax. He falls into the ocean and dies.

The morale to the story is to listen to your parents. If Icarus would have obeyed his father they would have both made it to Sicily fine together. In modern times it is not impressed enough upon children as much as it was to honor their parents. The result is a higher crime rate and less and less respect for parents in general. On the same hand parents I don't believe realize the influence that little decisions they make have on their children as well.

In a recent study Yale university conducted on the result of parents smoking, and quitting had on their children concluded that if one parent quite smoking before the child was 8-9 that child was %25 less likely to be a smoker, and if both quite the child was %47 less likely. The results were symmetrical with the same study off parents that didn't drink with children present, having their kids grow up to become alcoholics as well. Parents who got a divorce were recorded to have children %50 more likely to get a...
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