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Topics: Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Metro Manila, Manila Pages: 9 (2796 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Immigration chief explains congestion in NAIA1 arrival area Written by ELLEN TORDESILLAS The MIAA has partially closed NAIA due to runway repairs from January to August 2012, affecting departing and arriving flights.’ I AM sure I’m not the only one who has experienced hav­ing to endure more than one hour of lining up for immigra­tion processing upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It’s is not at all fun after hours in flight. It also is not good for the country’s image because this usually does not happen in other countries. I wrote in my column in Abante about my experience last June 30 upon arriving from Seoul, past 11 p.m., to a crowded immigration area. It was quite disorganized because there were no airport or immigration personnel assisting passengers where to line up. The electronic signs “Philippine Passports” and “Visitors” were not visible from the end of the line. Using the Department of Tour­ism’s catchy slogan of “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, I said “It’s not fun arriving at NAIA1.” Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David, who was former Armed Forces chief of staff, wrote acknowledging the crucial role of his office in the government cam­paign to boost tourism “being the first receiver of foreign visitors in our port of entries.” He took my writing about my unpleasant experience as an op­portunity for him “to shed light on the reasons of the occurrence of accumulation of passengers at the NAIA Terminal 1 during the last flight duty schedule or from 1700H to 0100H as well as to in­form you of the current undertak­ings of the Bureau in addressing this dilemma.” David explained that “the Ma­nila International Airport Author­ity (MIAA) has commenced im­plementing a seven-month partial closure of the NAIA due to run­way repairs from January to Au­gust 2012 from 0030H to 0530H, affecting departing and arriving flights. “Consequently, all airlines are compelled to arrive and depart at the NAIA runway before 0030H. Specifically for NAIA Terminal I, this resulted in 19 succeed­ing flight arrivals from 2120H to 0010H. Moreover, the buildup of passengers became more obvious due to the limited space allotted for passengers at the immigration arrival area where primary inspec­tion can only be conducted with the placement of three additional counters.” David belied the information I got that the lack of immigration personnel during those late hours, when there are several scheduled arrivals, was due to their lack of budget for overtime work. “We would like to clarify that this con­cern does not involve at all the is­sue on overtime payment for our personnel,” he said. David added that “Presently, we are reinforcing our human resource capability. The under­signed initiated the creation of one hundred (100) Immigration Officers (IO) I items which was favorably approved by the De­partment of Budget and Man­agement (DBM) through the endorsement of the Office of the President (OP) . “For CY 2012, we have already deployed forty-nine new regu­lar Immigration Officers I at the NAIA who underwent the rigid training of Basic Immigration Officers Course at the Philippine Immigration Academy (PIA). De­spite this development, we still lack IOs at the NAIA as other senior officers were re-assigned to other international airports and immigration offices in the coun­try, including our border crossing stations. “However, we have developed and implemented an enhanced duty schedule for our IOs and Acting IOs in order to maximize their utilization.” Noting the observations that I mentioned, David said, ““I have already instructed M. Benito G. Se Jr., acting chief, Airport Opera­tions Division, to closely coordi­nate with the NAIA Terminal I Manager for the construction of bigger and more visible signages to better guide arriving passen­gers. “Counters 1 and 2 are designated for passengers in wheelchair and People with Disability (PWD), Counter 3 to 10 are for visitors and all other typologies of passen­gers. Counters...
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