Research Project

Topics: Somalia, Somali people, Ethiopia Pages: 17 (4914 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Asylum seekers, a case study report from the Somali community in Camden

A Research project by Abdi Kadir Ahmed


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1. Abstract -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

2. Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

3. Literature review---------------------------------------------------------------------5

4. Research Design and Methodology------------------------------------------7

5 Ethical Issues ------------------------------------------------------------------------10

6. Research findings---------------------------------------------------------------------11

6. What employment, training and educational opportunities are available to young Somali people? ----------------------------------------------- 12

7. Do asylum seekers feel discriminated against? --------------------------15

9. Results and conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------17

10. Bibliography -------------------------------------------------------------------------20

11. Appendices-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22


This research will be based on asylum seekers from the Somalia community in the London Borough of Camden. The main aim of this Research is to find answers to the relevant questions around Asylum Seekers from Somalia who have come to live in the United Kingdom because of their war torn country, who potentially face discrimination or outright struggles within the United Kingdom?

The research has involved analysing, designing and implementing a set of interviews. Other methods used were questionnaires and a case study as these two methods were most suitable for the data gathering. The research also describes the way asylum seekers applications get processed by the Home Office. The first aim was to investigate three main questions. The first question will address what makes some young people seek asylum in Britain? Followed by What employment, training and educational opportunities are available to young Somali people? Next, the research will look if the Somali asylum seekers feel discriminated against? Definitions of the term asylum seekers will also be given.

By conducting face-to-face interviews with asylum seekers, in depth understanding will be generated and some of the questions can be answered.


This study is based on asylum seekers from the Somali community in Camden borough. The reason the research has been conducted in Camden borough, as it’s the Borough I have grown up in and I have been living in for the last 22 years. Also this borough has seen large Somali asylum seekers coming to live over the years and it has the 2nd largest ethnic population. Having gone through asylum process myself back in the early 1990s and having a background of an asylum seeker was the main motivation that made me want to do this research project.

In this research I will be focussing on the process, which asylum seekers from Somalia go through in the UK. When a Somali person applies for asylum, his or her status is that of asylum seeker. A further definition of the term asylum seeker is a person who has crossed an international border to seek safety and refugee status; (Ruter, 1994)

This Research project will attempt to understand the opportunities that are available to young Somali seekers in order to integrate successfully into society so they can become active citizens. The main themes of the research are employment, training and education services for this particular group of people. This will be done by examining case studies and government policies. The methods that were used to conduct the research have been interviews, questionnaires and case studies, all...
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