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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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The following shall be considered while preparing the cost estimate of Transmission System Project:
1. General Layout of Transmission System Project:
The following drawings shall be provided with the civil cost estimate of the Transmission System Project:

The single line diagram of the Transmission Lines plotted on the map of India showing the different wind zones through which the Line is passing.


The typical foundation drawings showing the type of foundations proposed to be used for transmission line towers in the
Transmission Line Project.


The arrangement of tie beams and pile caps in case of pile
foundation proposed to be used in the river crossing towers or towers in the water logged area.


The general layout of the substation proposed to be considered.


The layout of control room building proposed to be constructed inside the sub-station area.

2. Technical Specification and Salient Features in brief:
The Technical Specification and Salient Features of the transmission system project in brief shall be given. The following information shall be appended with civil cost estimate of the transmission system project:


The design criteria followed in the design of the transmission line and sub-station civil works.


The terrain of the route of transmission line and site of the substation.


The details of the river crossing to be encountered in the route of the transmission line.


Report of the survey and soil investigation conducted for the proposed transmission lines and sub station.


Type of tower configuration used and type of the conductor and earth wire used in the construction of transmission line.


The switchyard equipment to be used in the switchyard area.

3. Quantity Calculations:
The format for abstract of quantity of civil works of Transmission Lines and Substation as given in Annexure-1 & Annexure-2 respectively. Quantity calculations in support of the details included in the abstract of item wise cost should be appended with the DPR along with the relevant drawings/outline diagrams etc. as considered essential in the case. The total quantity of an item of the work shall be coordinated to avoid any duplicity of the items. 4. Rate Analysis:

The cost estimates of the Civil Works shall be based on the prevailing basic rates of materials, equipment and labour rates. These rates shall be based on Standard Schedule of Rates of CPWD/State PWD/District/SEB’s and a copy of the rates from the Standard Schedule of Rates shall be appended with the DPR. Wherever the items differ from Standard Schedule of Rates, the analysis of rates based on standard procedures duly approved by the Competent Authority shall be attached invariably. The rates based on similar projects in the vicinity and percentage provisions shall be utilized for checking of the overall provision, however these rates cannot be the basis of the estimate. The rate analysis shall be compiled in the format enclosed at Annexure-3 for ready reference. 5. Abstract of Cost:

Abstract of cost of civil works including expenditure incurred already up to date and the provision required for the balance work including the quantity, rate and amount of each of the item included in the estimate.

6. Revised Cost Estimate/Completed Cost Estimate:

In case of transmission line projects which have been approved by the Planning Commission and where the revised cost estimate have increased by more than 15% of the original estimates, excluding escalation due to price rise or where there is change in scope, will be required to be furnished to CEA for examination in the same way as new transmission system projects irrespective of the fact whether the revision is due to change in scope or not. The procedure for scrutiny for such revised cost estimate is same as outlined in the preceding...
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