Research Paper Heredity in Alcoholism

Alcoholism, Heredity, Child abuse

RUNNING HEAD: Alcoholism: Is it Inherited or a Chosen Disease

Topics in Social Science: The Black Family
Fall 2009
Professor Marsha Allman
December 16, 2009


During Behavioral Health training at my job, a coworker mentioned something that shocked me and sparked an immediate intense discussion. He mentioned that alcoholism is hereditary. Everyone that participated in the discussion agreed with his statement with the exception of another colleague and me. During the discussion the instructor mentioned that is a proven fact that drug addition such as alcoholism is hereditary. Up until this point I was unaware that studies from several researchers have shown that certain people may be genetically disposed to this disease. The discussion pertaining to the genetically disposition towards alcoholism was one that challenged me. Surprised by this revelation and puzzled at the same time I decided to challenge this.

The purpose of my study is to examine generational families that include alcohol abuse. I am a child of two parents who abused alcohol and I am pretty aware of the consequences. Although I do not use alcohol, it was important for me to find out what consequences there are for me if I do. Am I genetically disposed to becoming an alcoholic? To what generation could this happen? What are the safeguards, if there are any, other than abstinence from alcohol intake? Should further research be conducted to determine if alcoholism is inherited or is alcoholism a disease chosen by individuals?

The Literature Review

Alcoholism as a disease lays the foundation to my query and why it was significant for me to seek answers. Clinicians, scientists and others dispute whether or not to refer to alcoholism as a disease. When you think about the damage that affect the body and mind due to alcoholism, the outcome certainly can be...
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