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  • Published: December 21, 2012
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The Effects of Sexual Orientation and Reactions to Public Displays of Affection

Richard Smith

University of Texas at San Antonio


A 2X3 (Sexual Orientation [gay, lesbian] X Video of public display of affection [holding hands, hugging, kissing) analysis of variance, between groups design will be conducted. This analysis will be conducted to view the reactions of individuals with ages ranging from 18 to 22. The subjects participating will be selected from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Their emotional reaction will be measured on a likert scale ranging from 1(strongly disagree) to 5(strongly agree) on how the subject’s reactions are after watching either a gay couple holding hands, kissing, or hugging. It is hypothesized that straight peoples responses (M = 4) will be significantly higher than gay peoples response of emotion (M=2.5). It is also hypothesized that there will be low emotional response to two men holding hands (M=1.5) as compared to two men kissing (M=4.2) each other with two men hugging between them (M=3). It is expected that there will be a significant interaction between sexual orientation and gay public display of affection F(2, 80) = 3.54, p = .001.

A gay couple in Chicago is considering filing a complaint for being kicked off the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) for kissing on the bus. The couple kissed and then they were asked to exit the bus (We Were Kicked, 2011). Although the bus driver denies the reason for their removal, it’s possible their sexual orientation might have had something to do with it. Another countless incident occurred in Seattle, Washington. A gay couple was asked to leave a tourist attraction. After the couple held hands and kissed on the Ferris wheel, they were asked to leave. The owner of the Ferris wheel stated that his staff were unaware about their sexual orientation. He also stated that they were asked to leave due to their inappropriate behavior. Would you think the...
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