Research of Bottled Water

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1.0 Introduction
Water is one of the people basic needs. All people need water to survive and no one can live without it. So, they are willing to pay the money to purchase water. From the secondary data market research, most of the American consumers drink bottled water more than tap water because they feel that tap water not safe. Many companies are reputation have filtered water until pure. So, the bottled water will bring safe and attractive package that make very people when drink something that is healthy for their body (Department of Health, 2006). Besides, in order to let consumer more convenience, most of the company will provide bottled water in everywhere. Hence, all consumers will pay the attention about the bottled water. This report is to investigate attitudes towards three leading brands in a bottled water product. This is because the most important attributes in the bottled water product category, their relative influence on consumer decision making and consumer perception of the leading brands.

According Ajzen (1988) and Werner (2004), Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) is an attempt to provide consistency in studies of the relationship between behaviour, beliefs, intentions and attitudes (Ajzen 1988; Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975; Werner 2004). In TRA, there are 2 main concepts which are “principles of compatibility” and “behavioural intention” (Ajzen 1988; Fishbein&Ajzen, 1975). The principles of compatibility will require that in order to forecast a specific behaviour directed to a specific target in a given circumstance and period, specific attitudes that identify to the specific target, time and circumstance should be assessed. For the concept of behaviour intention states that a personal’s motivation to engage in behaviour is defined by the attitudes that influence the behaviour. Behaviour intention indicates how much achievement an individual would like to commit to complete such behaviour. Higher commitment which means that behaviour performs will more likely. Behaviour intention is determined by attitudes and subjective norms (Ajzen1988; Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975). An attitude refers to an individual’s perception toward specific behaviour (Werner, 2004). ‘Subjective norm’ refers to the individual’s subjective judgment regarding others’ preference and support for a behaviour (Werner, 2004).

2.1 Research Objectives
The objective of this research is to investigate attitudes towards three leading brands in a bottled water product category. Besides this research also determine which of the brands in a bottled water product category that most of the consumers interested because different brands provide bottled water will affect the choices of consumers. 2.2 Research Questions

During this research, there are find out the factors that affect choosing the bottled water. Besides, this research also can find out how to promoting the brands of bottled water to consumers. Furthermore, this research finds out the effective way to success the brands provide bottled water. 2.3 Significance of the Research

The major significance of the study regarding the “Attitudes towards three leading brands in a bottled water product category” is hope through the research to identify the most important attributes in the particular category, their relative influence on consumer’s decision making and consumer’s perception of the three leading brands performance in term of those attributes. Attributes in the bottled water category is an important that can impact on consumer’s buying decision making. This is because the between brand’s price of bottled water is only a bit different, so most of the consumers will choose the best quality brand. Besides, the research will examined the three leading brands company able to improve their performance in order to attract more people to buy their product.

2.0 Review of Literature
3.4 Issues of using bottled water
The main issues of using bottled...
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