Research Methodology

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Methodology of Research

The effect of new Fast food franchising on the consumption patterns In Ramallah City

Handed to: Almutasem Abu Daqa
Prepared by: Karma Abu-Ayyash
Student Number: 1101469

Table of Contents
Purpose of the study4
Research Questions4
Problem Statement5
The Relevance of the study6
Literature Review7
Theoretical Frame work, the research methodology 13
• Research Design15
• Hypothesis15
• The Population and the sample of the study 16 • Data Analysis16
• Data Sources and Collection method 17
Bibliography and Reference list 18

 In this decade franchising is becoming a vital factor that plays a crucial role in the growth of many popular brands around the world. During these past couple of years, fast food franchising was introduced to the city of Ramallah. The introduction of this new concept of franchising had a huge impact on the Palestinian society, whether in the consumers’ life style or in his/her consumption patterns of the different products offered in the market. This evident change in the consumer behavior in the society raised many questions. My proposed study will be addressing the consumer experience in the different franchises in Ramallah city, in terms of the buying behaviors/patterns and how those patterns are affected by the overall atmosphere of the franchise and its’ level of comfort, in addition to examining the possible relationships among and between the perceived value of the franchise in the minds of the customers and the augmented products offered to them, not to mention the franchises’ advertisements within the city of Ramallah and the effect it has on the consumers behavior and the perceived image already developed.

Purpose of the study:
The main objectives of the research are:
• To find out the impact of the new franchising on the consumption patterns in the city of Ramallah. Research questions:
- How the introduction to franchising affects the consumer behaviour in ramallah city? - How does the overall atmosphere of the franchise and it’s’ level of comfort play a role in altering the buying patterns of the customers? - What are the possible relationships among and between the perceived value of the franchise and the augmented products? - How does the franchises’ advertisement affect the behaviour of the different customers within ramallah city  

The Problem statement:

What impact would new franchises have on the consumption patterns of the fast food sector in Ramallah city?


Relevance of the study
This study will cast a light on the new fast food franchising in Ramallah which is a rapidly growing food sector that plays a fundamental role in changing the consumption patterns and the buying behaviors of the customers. In addition, it will discuss a number of issues that correlate this new introduction of fast food franchising including the overall atmosphere of the franchise and the comfort level it offers with the behavior of the customers. This particular issue will make it easier for the franchises owners to design their stores in a way that suits their prospects best and eventually yield the most profits. This study will also discuss and clarify the benefits as well as the challenges that franchising will gain and encounter when illustrating the relationship between the perceived value of the franchise in the minds of the prospects and the augmented products the franchise offers, in other words, it will help in understating the way to gain a competitive edge. This study will be beneficial for all students and researchers who show interest in the consumer behavior in the Palestinian society and how it’s related to the new trends such as franchising. Moreover, organizations and businesses that seek to franchise in Ramallah in the future would find this study...
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