Research in Sociology

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Research in Sociology

Coca Cola
Coca Cola is and has been a global leader in the beverage industry since it has emerged in 1886. Coca Cola includes many brands that offer several types and kinds of drinks. Coca Cola’s success in the United States over the years was its main motive for it to expand across the globe. Coca Cola had its international expansion in 1920′s and 30′s, where it exported its products to other parts of the world. overall, Coca Cola was being bottled in 44 different countries other than America. Another reason for Coca Cola to go global is its growing number of goals and profits across the years. Besides, there are many other reasons for a brand to go global; like, managerial urge, technology competence, foreign market opportunities, and economies of scale and tax benefits. Not forgetting to mention that the high consumer consumption of the product has a great impact on what Coca Cola is today. In short, people want more of Coca Cola, hence, they produce more and more Coca Cola. furthermore, for a brand to go global it must be credible and trustworthy. Additionally, it should have good brand image, personality associations and identity. Nevertheless there are many risks a brand might face to become global. Some of these risks are the competitive pressure and risk of overproduction. Besides, Coca Cola is not only identified as a global brand, but also a local brand. Coca Cola serves local markets around the world. although it has one theme, it adopts itself to each market ("Global marketing," ). Coca Cola has done both globally and in the United States but not without mistakes, any business going global has a lot to consider, for instance every company should be thinking and planning for cultural barriers, regulations and product customizations. What is good for one country may not be good for another , cultural barriers must be considered and how other countries will relate to your product. When going global another thing to consider...
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