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This is a report addressing to Research In Motion (RIM)’s board of directors’ request to review its vision and mission statements and to evaluate of how well RIM’s resource strengths and competitive capabilities match the industry’s key success factor.

1. Vision and Mission Statement Identification

Upon research, there is no information regards on any vision and mission statement pre-developed by RIM. However, to bring RIM success to a higher level, we suggest you to look into our suggestion for RIM’s vision and mission statement. This is to provide guidance in the process of decision making that align with RIM’s core values and purpose.

1.1 Vision Statement

To become our customers’ first choice across the world because it is impossible to ignore our excellence in products and services in terms of security, innovation and value that put a smile to our shareholders and employees while giving back to the local, national and global communities.

RIM was founded and established back in 1984. It started off as a company competing in the telecommunication and wireless devices industry and proved to gain tremendous successes with the introduction of the BlackBerry mobile e-mail solution in February 1999. RIM’s top-notch security has become a double-edge sword as government in some key emerging markets, where RIM is looking for growth has threaten to block the BlackBerry service over national security concerns. If the issue is not solving immediately, RIM could see enormous losses in consumer base in the near future. It is our proposal that RIM shifts their focus from become a leader in telecommunication and wireless devices industry to producing other products for industry such as mobile telecommunications to boost back RIM’s disappointing sales (Reardon,2009) and off guard as the takeover target (Theglobeandmail,2010). The current mission statement for RIM is as follows.

1.2 Mission Statement

We shape the future of telecommunication and wireless devices.

We listen to our customers.

We continue to innovate for award-winning mobile devices.

Our partnership promises success.

Our profitability secures the future for our employees and partners.

We engage in corporate philanthropy outreach to student in science, engineering and business programs.

In the future, RIM will need to focus on the vision and mission statement in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage and stay ahead of its competitors by keeping up with more technically advanced devices. Additionally, RIM can sustain its market share, pricing or margin for long term.

2. Resources Strengths Identification

Next this report analysis is going to focus on RIM’s resource strengths. To successfully compete in this industry, it is critical sticking to RIM’s resource strengths in order to generate any sort of financial growth. Resource strengths owned by RIM are: strong financial status, human resource practices, corporate culture, strong development capabilities and reputation and branding.

2.1 Strong Financial Status

RIM is known for its ability to provide platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive materials. Having been the first to market with“push” e-mail architecture and a value proposition built on security, RIM proved on their capability to provide quality products to their customers. They lease facilities for their operations and departments throughout America and Europe. It is an indication of RIM’s strong financial status to pay for their incurred expenses. To further their success, RIM has sought to protect its technical assets through a combination of patent, copyright and trade secret protection as well as through contractual agreements.

2.2 Human Resource Practices

To produce quality products such as BlackBerry, undeniably it is important to have the best knowledge and abilities that continuously creating value to RIM. RIM’s...
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