Research Critique

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Research paper critique

Substantive and theoretical dimensions:
Value and contribution of literature review and the terms of reference (aim); significance of the research problem; appropriateness of the theoretical framework, consideration of the research problem in the wider theoretical context

Methodologic dimensions:
the research approach adopted, study design, sample, data collection method(s), and analysis methods

Ethical dimensions: ethical issues within the study

Interpretive dimensions: findings, conclusion, recommendations and application to practice

Presentation and Stylistic dimensions: writing style, organization and presentation of material.

Guidelines for written assignment
Essay Title:

Maltby et al (2010:348) write; ‘In the context of a research study…there is a requirement to safeguard the welfare of all study participants…’ -------------------------------------------------

Critically analyse how a researcher can protect the research participant by adhering to ethical principles within healthcare research.

1. To address the question, the student is requested to develop an understanding of the ethics that underpin research within health and social care.

2. The student can focus on either qualitative or quantitative research as the basis of discussion Therefore detailed reading should be undertaken to identify the key ethical principles that apply to the chosen research approach.

3. The discussion should draw on examples from research studies to illustrate certain points of discussion.

4. The student should therefore introduce the focus adopted to address the essay question in...
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