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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Essay 2. In what ways do your academic background and recent professional or managerial experience provide evidence of your potential for success in the program you selected? In your eventual career? Please provide specific examples of relevant coursework and/or experience. Majoring[Major] in International Economics and Trade, I have built a sound academic background of economics and finance during four years of undergraduate study in School of Economics, Fudan University. Through a series of curricular and research projects, I developed sound theoretical knowledge and strong analytical ability. My personality and ambition was shaped by active participation in various leadership positions and experience of professional practice.[I dont like this beginner, since it’s too plain and not impressive something no other than a narration. Ordinarily, you should figure out the very important perspective of yourself which can ensure reader of your suitability tp this program, if not extinguishment, e.g. Your career goal, some specific internship, courses or research project arouse your great interest in some parts of this program.]

During the first two years of my undergraduate study, I have taken a wide range of courses. Basic core courses such as Political Economics, Micro and Macroeconomics empowered me to construct theoretical framework of economics, while Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics enabled me to apply quantitative methods to economic analysis. [Referring some courses correlated to the program, for example, since it’s under the B-school, some finance, strategy, marketing and other practical courses you’ve enrolled in could be figured out.]

My talents revealed when it comes to international economics, in which not only did I achieve top grades but also proactively conducted a series of research projects. Through studying Western Economic History, Introduction to world economy, International...
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