Requiem for a Dream - Reaction Paper

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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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Dreams, everyone has dreams, but can it really be attained in a good way? Does the way that man do things are in coordination of his free will? Or maybe it’s just the natural forces that shape and determine his character. “Requiem for A Dream” is a movie that talks about the drastic lives of three people. Lives which have been deeply influenced by what they see and experience in their surroundings. Moreover, these influences have forced them to become someone else. Sarah, Harry, Marion, and Tyron, each of these characters have been shaped by their social environment.

Sarah Goldfarb, an old retired woman who rests in his house watching the television all day. She loves watching a gameshow and this is the main reason that forces her to be someone else. One day, she received a call telling her that she will be soon a contestant of the gameshow giving her then a chance to appear in the television. This has made her reminisce of herself being young again and wearing a red dress where she looks best. She wanted to wear this again so much so that she will look best when she appears in the game show, and so this has forced her to go on a diet and drink pills. Gradually, drinking pills have already been an addiction for her, so that she may lost her appetite to eat, then later turning her to be crazy.

In Naturalism, it says that characters don’t really have their own free will. It’s just that external forces are there to control it. This is what you call “determinism”, and Sarah is a good example of a person being controlled by her environment. The TV have forced her to be addicted to pills and thus made her crazy.

Harry is the son of Sarah. He is a guy addicted to heroin and in love to his girlfriend Marion. His dream is be a rich business man, and he starts this by selling some heroin on the streets. He is forced to sell drugs in order for him to be rich. His girlfriend, who also wanted to be rich, finds her own way to earn money, and so she was forced to date...
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