Repressed Memories and Punishment with Freudian Dream Analysis: the Uncanny and the Compulsion to Repeat Complexes

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Repressed Memories and Punishment with Freudian Dream Analysis: The Uncanny and the Compulsion to Repeat Complexes

It was the night of March 15, 2012. I was tossing a turning, but the reason I remember this dream was because I rarely have any, being that I always have deep-sleep patterns. I had suddenly appeared in my father’s home by the dining room table. I recall it strangely being my birthday and I was celebrating it with my father, sister, and grandmother, but I do not know how old I was becoming. One thing I quickly noticed was that my mother was missing. The whole event was moving way to fast and I had no control over what was going on. My father began to walk up to me and handed me over the deed to our house! I was shocked and confused over what had just happened. I did not understand why he would do such a thing. After this very uncanny event, I suddenly found my self at what seemed like a huge, indoor parking structure, which just had a few cars here and there. As we proceeded to walk up the concrete stairs, I realized my mother was still not part of the group and it was just my father, sister, and grandmother. My father looked very excited just as a child would be if they got a new toy for Christmas. I did not know where I was going nor did I care or try to stop myself. It was as if I was a zombie, following my folks to some uncertain place. As we stopped at one of the levels, he ended up taking me towards a car. As I came closer, I could make out the bright orange color, and sparkling shine. Once close by, I realized that it was the car that I had always wanted as a teen and now had long forgotten about. It was a BMW E46 M3, with all the accessories and gizmos, which was just the way I had imagined mine to be. I had a feeling of shock and awe. One thing I realized about the car was that it had an emblem in the back that of a M5 instead, which struck a cord in me, but I soon after forgot as he gave me the keys. We all entered the car, however, as I...
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