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Irish retailer in trouble
First we are going to discuss the background of the crises, what did happened? Who was involved by this accident? Etc. Than we give an analyse of the actions the Titan stores chain took to deal with. And in the end we give some recommendations for the SPSF, how to deal with this situation. The importance of this report is that now there is a description of the accident from different views. And this report gives some recommendations for the Society for the Prevention of Software Fraud(SPSF), how to react in this situation

* The background of the crisis
According to a BBC television documentary the Titan stores chain has bought illegal copies of the computer game ´Race against time´. Titan stores chain has sold over 50.000 packs of the game. According to an anonymous employee of Titan stores chain, the company have had some problems in their buying department recently. However Titan stores chain is known for its high ethical standards. * Analyse of the actions the Titan stores chain took to deal with it 1. The Titan stores chain took all the illegal games out of their stores, and destroyed them all 2. Titan stores chain informed the police of the seller of the illegal games. Titan stores chain gave the police a lot of information about the address of the company and the way of selling products. Summary

The Titan stores chain made some mistakes by buying illegal products from a company. Above we discussed the actions that the Titan stores chain took to deal with this situation. Recommendations
* If I were the SPSF, I would definitely take in mind that Titan stores chain was not abreast of the fact that te games were illegal copies. I’m not saying that the company total works within the rules. * SPSF should think carefully about their actions, because we all know that SPSF could damage a company’s reputation and give a company a bad image. * The SPSF should give Titan stores chain a penalty of £10...
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