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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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John Smilt
October 31, 2012

Live Longer and Healthier: Stop Eating Meat!
By: Renzi Stone
For logos she talks about some famous people and some other 12 million people who are vegetarians. Next, she says that if you do not eat meat, then you won’t be able to get heart disease, cancer, and your life span will be longer than normal. She also states that being a vegetarian will strengthen your immune system. There are certain rules for being a vegetarian and if you have strict rules their will be greater accomplishments of what your body can do and feel like over the past years. Plus, she says that in the vegetarian diet they get more than enough vitamins and minerals.

For pathos she states that in the past the vegetarians grouped together and fought to save animals from becoming food that goes to restaurants, and other fast food restaurant. The perception of vegetarians is great because people think that they don’t get enough in their system to fully function and live a healthy life style. In an article that she found in a Health magazine by Peter Jaret states that vegetarians actually get larger amounts of amino acids due to the elimination of saturated fats which are often found in meat products. Studies show that the health benefits of a veggie lifestyle contribute to increase life expectancy and overall productivity. Renzi lets the audience know how the vegetarians feel by showing their actions and how other people think of them.

For ethos Renzi Stone’s personality is strong and confident. She feels that she can perform in a way that will catch her audience by just one example and fact. Her character in this situation is formal because of what she is talking about and how she expresses her dedication to this persuasive speech. She shows her ideas and facts from different scientific statements. She also believes in what she talks about and can explain it in her sleep.
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