Renewable Energy

Topics: Renewable energy, Energy, Wind power Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Fung Chi Hong (10549602)
Nowadays, some people who supported renewable energy have many questions for fully relying on renewable energy in the future. A factor why people do not consider renewable energy is economics. However, the fact is that renewable energy can solve many economic problems. Anna Leidreiter expresses that the benefits of traditional energy are shared in only a few stakeholders; renewable energy is owned by popular, so the big business do not agree renewable energy. If the benefits from the large enterprise can be shared to popular, a correct energy can transform, it was shown in the history. Also, Anna Leidreiter gives Denmark and Germany as the examples to show fully renewable energy. Finally, she suggests some policies are necessary to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy and countries should exchange the opinion with other countries. Comment:

After reading this article about economics and renewable energy, I have follow comment. First, using renewable energy is an irresistible general trend. According to the Anna Leidreiter, we can see that using renewable energy can substitute for fossil fuel in the Denmark and Germany. Using renewable energy not only can increase the opportunity of jobs, but also can help the economics stable. However, I think we should not just look to the money. In order to maintain a clean environment to our offspring, we should lay stress on environment protection; one of the things we can do is using renewable energy. Referencing

Leidreiter, Anna. “Local Development through Community-Led Renewable Energy” Renewable Energy World Magazine. 3 Apr. 2013. Web. 10 Apr. 2013
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