Renaissance Comparison Essay

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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Renaissance Comparison Essay

The Italian Renaissance culture and arts and the Northern European Renaissance was a way of life, similar to our modern day way of life, ranging from things such as architecture, painting, literature, sculptures, pottery, and philosophy. Between the two eras, there are social and cultural similarities and differences. The social and cultural similarities between the Italian and Northern European Renaissance were their artistic views in reference to religion. Most of the themes within their arts covered religion, such as the book Genesis from the bible. An example of the arts between these two eras would be the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Devotion to Christianity, the church, their work written in Latin, classical backgrounds and the fact that they were both idealist were other reasons to believe that the two eras were similar. A social and cultural difference between the Italian and Northern European Renaissance was the Northern Renaissance had held more on to the Gothic architecture from the Middle Ages for a longer period than did the Italian Renaissance; they both were consistent on the change on the forms of art and architecture. Religion was another difference between the two, with some scandals and corruption, taking place because of the influence of the church, the Northern Renaissance became more religious. The difference between the arts and the cultures of the Northern European and the Italian Renaissance was, the Italian arts had scientific views such as, proportion, anatomy, and perspective during the renaissance. The Northern Europeans view was more toward how art looked. The Italian arts had reflected religion, ancient mythological creatures, spiritual figures and biblical times, such as Jesus, Mary, and the last supper, as well as their beliefs in heaven and the ungodly. Marsilio Ficino, the head of the Platonic Academy of Philosophy and a translator, wrote a book titled the Theologia...
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