Remembering an Event

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Remembering an Event
It was spring, and the weather was just right for softball season. Friday night, the big stadium lights were shining right down on us. We were actually here I thought to myself we really made it this far. My softball team and I were playing for a chance to go to the state tournament, which was something unexpected coming from a team that was never ranked in pre-season or throughout district but until now. Throughout our season we lost two games against a team that was good, but also had a lot of cockiness. San Rayburn was that team, and it so happened to be the team that we had to play to go to the state tournament as well. From the moment we got off that bus at the McKinney Bulldogs field we didn’t know what to expect. Walking to the field’s one of the vehicles we passed had “Austin Here We Come”. That put some ice in my veins right away. Turning that corner to the view of the field was something I never will forget. San Rayburn was in the field dancing, playing, singing, joking, and thinking that they had already had us defeated because of what had happened in district. Yeah sure they were goofing off but they took it to an extreme what we had prepared ourselves for was nothing like that. Since they had never fully prepared themselves for us, and they thought they had us in the bag. We won our games against then 9-0, and 3-0. It was the first time in Blue Ridge High School history that girls’ softball team had ever advanced to the State tournament, it was incredible. We couldn’t believe that a team that had never been ranking made it this far; everyone had underestimated Blue Ridge softball but the team itself. I remember after the game as we got back on the bus after the victories over San Rayburn our coach proceeded to tell us he overheard one of the San Rayburn parents canceling their rooms in Austin and he implied “Book it back, where going to be needing them now”, which still plays as a mini clip in my head....
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