Remember the Titans

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Joel Trolinger
Mrs. Pfeffer
English 015
8 October 2010
Remember the Titans
The movie Remember the Titans is based on the true story of the 1971 T.C. Williams high school football team in Alexandria, Virginia. The long time head coach of the team, played by Will Patton, is demoted to assistant coach for the new African American head coach played by Denzel Washington. This startling change in command is due to the desegregation of the schools in Alexandria and causes vast anger throughout the town. Some of the players are even willing to jeopardize their football careers by quitting just to make a statement. But newly appointed head coach Denzel Washington does not put up with any racial diversity and he requires every black player to room with a white player during training camp. This experience creates a special bond between the players and allows them to see past color unlike the rest of the town’s residents. When the team proves it is possible to get along and be winners, the issue of race is erased and the true meaning of teamwork is born within the community.

There are many different positive qualities in the movie Remember the Titans. One great quality worth recognition is the impeccable acting of the two head coaches. Denzel Washington does an unbelievable job teaching the young men that whether white or black, teamwork will lead to success. The other head coach, Will Patton, does not play the expected demoted coach that wants to ruin the new head coach. Instead he understands the message the other coach is preaching and does his best to help the team succeed. Another quality aspect is the overall message that is conveyed by the movie. At this time racism and diversity was a very big deal in society. This movie portrays that it is possible to work together to achieve common goals despite what differences there may be. Remember the Titans has many great qualities with the two coaches acting and the overall theme being two important...
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