Remember and Crabbit Old Woman

Topics: Persuasion, Poetry, Rhetoric Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: April 16, 2008
Remember and Crabbit old woman both portray a sense of persuasion to the reader as they both try and give out a clear and insisting message. They are both written in a first person perspectives which clears boundaries to make the poem more personal and affectionate. Remember is about a person who is dying and is pleading for remembrance. Crabbit old woman is about an old woman who is pleading for a fair judgment of who she really is and that she is not just an old woman but some one with a heart and feelings. Both the poems portray a sense of desperation and persuasion. Persuasion is insisted in Remember as the speaker is persuading that person to remember her/him without grieving. The poet of Remember uses a lot of persuasion and instructions as though the speaker is in charge here. In Crabbit old woman persuasion is portrayed through out all the poem. The poet uses simple language and rhetorical questions to create a great effect. Rhetorical questions are used in the poem in a sense that the speaker is putting the blame on the nurses. ''Is that what your thinking, is that what you see?'' and ''What do you see nurses, what do you see?''. The speaker is concentrating on her image towards others and is blaming them for treating her and looking at her differently because of her age. Remember is a short poem although this gives a straightforward effect to the poem. The speaker also gives instructions although the instructions are in a softer tone than the poem crabbit old woman. The speaker gives advise such as ''Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad''. This shows that the speaker had a close relationship with the person and that she/he cares for the person and the care is shown by the speaker advising to whom she is talking to. Although in crabbit old woman has a rougher tone as the speaker is telling the nurses off in a harsher way.
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