Religion Essay on Peace

Topics: Crime, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 5, 2013
People say that the world we live in today is more dangerous compared to the years before. I can remember my grandmother always telling me that when they were young, they needn’t worry about walking home at night. She would tell me stories of how they would even still roam around the city with her friends when she was in high school and college even if it was evening. Today, however, people can’t even let the guard down while taking a stroll in broad daylight. People live in fear because of the many threats to their lives. Often I find myself wondering what changed that made our world something like this.

I think the most prominent problems in our society would be corruption and the increase in the crime rate everywhere. Corruption, for me, is the biggest problem of all because how can we ever hope to achieve anything like peace if the people in power – the people we dub as our “leaders” – can’t start it with themselves? I mean, we see it in media all the time how this leader stole money, how this leader became involved with this and that. It’s all just a big mess and all people can say is, “that’s just how politics works”. Aside from that, there’s also the increase in the crime rate over the past years. Theft, murder, rape, and drug abuse – these crimes are becoming a normal occurrence. More and more people fall victim to such things. Before, people were afraid to commit those crimes. Now, it seems that criminals are becoming more daring and can even do these things in broad daylight where there are many witnesses! More and more people are suffering and dying, families are falling apart, and people are beginning to think that the situation is pretty much hopeless.

So what do I think peace is? I think peace is the absence of all the fear and anxiety. I think it’s when people can go out and not have to worry about being beat, robbed, raped, or killed. Yes, it probably is quite a utopian thing to say but that’s truly what I think because really, if you feel...
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