Religion Essay Aisha

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Aisha Bint Abu Bakr was born on 615 CE and was the daughter of Abu Bakr and the wife of the prophet Muhammad. She was involved in Islamic politics and was believed to be the 19th convert to the religion of Islam. She had a large impact on the Islamic faith and contributed to the development and expression of Islam and may be considered an inspiration to Muslim women in today’s society. It is also said that Muhammad received the most revelations in her company. Although she has made a positive outcome on the Islamic faith, there has been much dispute between Sunni’s and Shi’as if she was a good leader or not. Aisha left over 2000 hadiths, but only 200 were included in accepted Hadith collections. The hadiths provided followers of the religion information on ways of living and even gave an insight into the Prophet Muhammad’s behaviour. In Hadith number 312 “An Ansari woman asked the Prophet how to take a bath after finishing from the menses. He replied, “Take a piece a cloth perfumed with musk and clean the private parts with it thrice. The Prophet felt shy and turned his face. So pulled her to me and told her what the Prophet meant.” This hadith showed Aisha’s role in the development and expression of Islam as she was somewhat an interpreter of the religious guidance that affected women’s ritual purity. It also shows that Muslim female leaders were taught the proper women instruction of day-to-day living so they may provide guidance for other Muslim women who couldn’t seek men for the information. This was good for the men as they did not want to discuss these personal matters. In Hadith number 430, “There was a black slave girl belonging to an 'Arab tribe and they manumitted her but she remained with them. The slave girl said, "Once one of their girls (of that tribe) came out wearing a red leather scarf decorated with precious stones. It fell from her or she placed it somewhere. A kite passed by that place, saw it Lying there and mistaking it for a piece of...
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