Relationships & Negotiations in Business

Topics: Minority group, Harvard Business School, United States Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Karl Kornbrekke
Senior Seminar in Management
Professor Valerie Edwards
Journal Assignment Chapters 21 & 25 – March 4, 2013

Developmental Relationship Networks

I choose the Harvard Business School article for it's supplemental value to the reading in chapter 21 and for it's thoroughness. The reading looks at mentor relationship from the perspective of grooming a trainee for a leadership position and the different roles that are utilized for that purpose. The book also groups the various roles by the elements common to each: Assessment, Challenge, and Support (ACS) that are presented in a model. The format of the model gives each element, the roles within it, and defines the function of each role. The article gives the mentor relationship as highly sought for success and satisfaction in one's career and separates mentor-protege relationships as inclusive of behaviors that are not limited by career functions. Whereas the sponsor-protege relationship applies only to career functions. The article also advises that the protege not seek out the perfect mentor, rather that they be the perfect protege.

I found the article is more comprehensive in that it explores aspects not broached by the reading. The subject of being a minority or “token” , which can be a gender or ethnic difference, is investigated. In short it is found to be riskier due to the increased scrutiny generally applied to most in that subset. The article also outlines 5 cross-gender problems, that include public perceptions, my belief is that these are realistic issues that should be given more attention to. I found the reading to be rather generic in it's presentation of the aforementioned information. I was impressed by the detail the article divulged on gender and ethnic minority variations. I have encountered many ethnic minority issues when I was Framing on Nantucket. I have seen men of ethnicity, that worked with me, treated as expendable because their English was bad and they were...
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