Relationship Selling

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Sue Wilson – Purchasing Manager
Greg Runyon – Production Manager
Vicki Sievers – Plant Engineer
Tom Roberts – Plant Manger
Vijay Sethi – National Vice President of Purchasing

Sue Wilson organized the meeting and initiated the project by doing so.

Greg Runyon is in charge of running the machinery and operations, therefore he is the user.

Vijay Sethi and Vicki Sievers.
Vicki being the person who is the industry expert in the situation has a large influence on the purchase. Vijay, being the National Vice President of Purchasing for the entire company too has a large influence on the purchase.

Sue Wilson is the gatekeeper as she is in control of which information is released and being received, regarding the purchase.

Sue Wilson is the buyer as she is the individual who communicated with the supplier and made the deal for the purchase.

Tom Roberts is in charge of running the entire plant, therefore he makes the final decision on what equipment to buy and from which supplier.

Sue Wilson being the purchasing manager, controls the budget and where the money goes, therefore she is the controller.


Sue Wilson
Sue’s primary needs are to find out what equipment is required from each individual for the machine, to find 3 bids for the product and to make the purchase. Her task is also to make sure everything runs efficiently. Sue will be the most influential on the final decision.

Tom Roberts
Tom’s primary needs are to make sure that Vicki and Greg work effectively and that everything goes according to plan. Tom has influence on the final decision.

Greg Runyon
Greg’s primary needs are to one; produce the product and two; make sure it is of the right standard. Greg has little influence on the final decision.

Vijay Sethi
Vijay’s primary needs are to make sure that Sue works effectively and that the correct procedures are followed. Vijay has a higher position then Sue in the company therefore he has more authority. Vijay has a greater influence on the final decision.

Vicki Sievers
Vicki’s primary needs are to make sure that the machinery performs at its optimum level at all times. As well as to ensure all repairs are done efficiently. Vicki has influence on the final decision as she is the industry expert.


Anticipation or recognition of a problem in need
: National Agri Products Company has followed step as they have identified the problem.

Determination and description of the traits and qualities of the needed items.

Search for and qualification of potential suppliers
: Although they need three bids, Sue only contacted 1 supplier, so research was not completely done.

Acquisition and analysis of proposals or bids
: Presentations would have been required. Sue contacted Larry.

Evaluation of proposals and selection of suppliers
: Awaiting the other bids, the company would still most likely go ahead with Larry.

Selection of an order routine
: Go through all the bids and make a final decision, National Agri Products Company would most probably go with Larry’s bid.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback
: Conduct follow ups, and to make sure the equipment was installed correctly.


Sales and marketing are interdependent, as they rely on each other. There are a number of strategies involved in Sales & Marketing, such as the Four P’s (product, price, place, promotion). The brand manager helps decide on the product, branding and packaging in marketing. Prior to this is done, the business would have had to go through the marketing concept. Without market research being done, the sales force would have no product to sell and would not be able to identify who the product is targeted at....
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