Relationship Between Human Beings and Nature

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Relationship between human beings and nature

Now is the time for human beings and nature to collaborate. Normally, most people would say, “human beings always destroy nature.” It is true. However, only a few people know the truth of why human beings destroy nature. It is a huge mistake to think of nature individually. First of all, the main reason people destroy nature is to use trees as materials for paper. As everybody knows, cutting trees has been becoming a reason for global warming. In the past fifty years, the number of people increased more than ten times. Of course, ten times more paper is consumed. The number of the trees in the world has been decreasing rapidly and the environment of the world is getting worse. On the contrary, there was some good news for protected nature. For example because of advancements in the economy, distribution of electric books helped to decrease the consumption of paper. Also, people think of nature more than before. Even now, the numbers of people in the world are increasing, so to have a good relationship between human beings and nature is not easy, it probably the situation is getting worse. We have to keep changing something. When I was living in Canada, I heard the Canadians have pride in protecting the earth. For example, Canada has a lot of natural resources, but they never sell these. They think selling oil leads to the destruction of nature. They also have strict rules for themselves. It is a big violation if they hurt nature or animals. I often think about the world. Everybody knows how to collaborate with nature and how the world would change if we keep destroys. Individual power is really small, but nothing is changed if we do not change. So, now is the time for human beings and nature to collaborate.