Relationship Analysis

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April 24, 2013
Relationship Analysis Project

Relationships are the things that make human beings, which brings sense to life if these relationships make you feel happy or takes the desire to live away if these relationships are like a stone at your neck. From relationships, the whole fate of the person is determined. If he or she has pleasant relationships at work, in his or her family, in private life, such a person is considered to be happy. If relationships are not the things that bring some joy into life, the person stops being satisfied and pleased with life. Today I will be analyzing my sister’s relationship. When she first met her boyfriend, she was very shy and was scared of him because he was popular and she was just a quiet church girl. Speaking with an oxymoron, she first felt that he was mean, but a sweetheart at the same time. He felt as though she may have been a sneaky person living a double life. After talking for a few weeks they realized those assumptions of each other were wrong. Presently they are in love and planning on getting engaged. They fell for each other around October of 2011.The couple has been together for about three years now. They were as best friends since high school and never really dated each other. They pretty much acted like sister and brother towards each other and thought it was safe to keep it that way. They also thoroughly advised each other on life changing situations like him promoting his rap music and going to Lincoln Tech to get his certification for fixing cars. They have arguments about other things like money and bills but they never go to sleep angry with each other. They have always found ways to work through their problems. They also try to spend some quality time together to show their love for each other,

whether its cuddling up together watching a Netflix movie with hot chocolate or playing broad games until they get bored. Me being the good older sister I am, I decided to provide eight tips for the relationship to go on and prosper, maybe into engagement and then marriage. My first tip would be “don`t try too hard to convince the other person of your love”, love and trust yourself more and first. This will relax your love defenses and enable you to give yourself totally to the relationship and keep your focus on where you want the relationship to go. In my sister’s relationship I notice they always doubted their love for each other, there was an issue with trust the two was unable to stay honest with each other. After using my tip, my sister found that her love for him comes easy, she learned to love herself and loving her mate is easier. The relationship is doing much better in this area, they are becoming compassion and loving of one another and not even knowing it. They started to spend more time with one another, they are more honest about situations within the relationship and other endeavors for the future like careers and having children. Second tip “don`t question the other person`s love all the time”. You have to have faith in your relationship and believe the two of you can make it, and that nothing comes without sacrifice. The question should never be raise or thought about because this brings conflict to the relationship. In my sister’s relationship, she always was wondering if he really love her. I gave her my tip and she realized the relationship is in God’s hands not hers. Her boyfriend is always there for her in the time of need, they were able to know they love each other. Today my sister and her boyfriend join a marriage counseling group at her church, in which they are still finding courage to have faith in their relationship.

My tip worked about 25% of the time, but I insist on her seeking more help with the situation. The third tip is “feel the oneness of the universe, step beyond the ‘me first’ conflicts that will spoil the relationship”. This would help you be complete within yourself. Think about the other person and his...
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