Regulatory Agency Paper

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Regulatory Agency Paper
The government agency selected for this article is The Federal Bureau of Prisons also known as (BOP). The federal bureau of prisons role include confining federal offenders in prisons who are humane, safe, cost-efficient, and secure. The Bureau is responsible for helping inmates reduce future criminal activity by encouraging them to join a range of programs that are proven to reduce recidivism. The Federal Bureau of prisons employees assists inmates with programs and services to help them with model mainstream values. The duties of the bureau also include delivering medically needed heath treatment to inmates in accordance with applicable standards of health care. In 2007 the (BOP) housed approximately 200,000 inmates at 93 locations providing 736 million in health care cost to the inmates.

The agency provides health care services to inmates from contracted medical providers and in-house medical providers employed within the agency. The agency health care cost was affordable compared to insurance cost with other agencies. There are many ways the BOP control the cost to make the health care affordable for inmates. The Federal Bureau of prisons found ways to control the cost of health care by implementing initiatives that provided more effective and efficient inmate health coverage. By implementing new systems it helps the BOP reduce the cost for inmate health care coverage. Some of the strategies consist of selecting inmates to be institutions based on the care level needed for the inmate.

An electronic medical record (EMR) system was implemented to connect to health care providers in different institutions. The electronic medical record allows medical staff to track inmate previous medical history and examination information. The process happens by transferring information electronically and can help proper diagnose inmates. The electronic medical records can track information to provide effective and efficient...
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