Regional Political Parties Are Threat to the Nation

Topics: India, Political party, Andhra Pradesh Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: February 23, 2011
see.. actually… dere r sum spelling mistakes n everything is nt pointwise juz go thru all d matter n den frame d things.. it is nt necessary dat u ud include all d data or all…. Elaborate different points…. As defense .. unity integrity education.. development .. corruption…ok!!... and in between.. include sum xamples….. sum more thngs .. if needed or ny oder thing u need .. I’ll snd u thru SMS !! all d bst Regional Political Parties are threat to the nation

Yes …. These parties are threat to the nation …..
According to Election Commission of India only 16% of registered political parties in India are actually involved in political activities & the rest are created with the sole purpose of tax evasion only. In other words, only 200 out of 1200 registered political parties in India can be said to be genuine & the rest are fake. 1. United we stand but divided we fall..

Obviously when sardar patel merged all the existing isolated states to the india … the sole and single nation… it was only to give indians an identity …of UNITED INDIA… having its own constitution Government

And above all .. defence …. Defend the boundaries .. education system … our own national language … our identity and integrity is being in ONE nt in getting divided on the basis of … Caste
Personal interest
Dress and selfish interests
Distribution of natural resources [as water, coal , manpower and industry etc…]

See the nations USA and BRITAIN ….
Dere are only 2 parties and .. they are more happy and prospering nations … because dere political parties are only for the purpose of serving the nations … Nt for the fulfillment of vested interests …??

In USA .. so 52 states are dere … bt de never contest elections having issues related to only regional interests … dey focus upon the national strategies of… Foreign investments
Education of whole nation nt of the region specific
Defense of whole country

Distribution of resources...
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