Refrigerator Etiquette

Topics: Cooking, Food, Casserole Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Refrigerator Etiquette

I walk into my house absolutely famished it is 6 o’clock pm and I have just arrived from football practice; terrible day to say the least conditioning consisted of 10 gassers. I walk to the kitchen and I open my fridge to get some orange juice I have been craving since 7th period and what the do I come home to? A sip of orange juice left in the container!
The biggest problem to me is if you find that there is only a tiny bit more than a serving of anything left in the fridge don’t just grab “a serving” and leave barely enough for the next person to eat or drink, take the whole thing. First of all you get to the fridge so hyped to see that there’s still the food or beverage that you want in there and when you pick it up, you suddenly feel there’s barely anything in the container. This is a huge tease.

This one day I go to my fridge to get a nice cup of 7 up and I find that there is only enough 7 up in the bottle to fill just a 6th of my cup. Now that is complete crap I think to myself, the only thing left to do is find the person who mislead me into pouring a 6th of 7up in my cup and give them this sob story about how there was barely enough for me to drink and they don’t care about what you’re talking about because they got the 7up they wanted. That is very annoying.

looking Suddenly you get the crave to make some macaroni and cheese and you find yourself for a pot. “Hmm where can it be?” So then you just say to yourself “You know what I’ll just get the milk and the mac and cheese first.” And suddenly you catch a view of the pot you need to use to make the mac and cheese. This makes me so mad.

The problem is now you want to cook something so you think you’re going to be able to start making your food, but now you have to remove all the leftovers from the pot and put them in a new container, clean the pot and then proceed cooking your meal wasting all that extra time. Or when you have to put...
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