Reformation and the Scientific Revolution

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  • Published : May 28, 2009
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Alberto Fis
World History
Mr. Miller

The Reformation and Scientific Revolution

How did the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution challenge the Catholic Church? After explaining each of these events, compare and contrast their effects on the Catholic Church.

The Reformation and the Scientific Revolution challenged the Catholic Church because they turned to investigation and research as a form of obtaining knowledge; they no longer treated facts that were considered absolute truths as such, but proved that the Catholic Church wasn’t always right; and it provoked a breaking away from the traditional and corrupt practices of the Catholic Church.

The Scientific Revolution encouraged investigation and research as a form of obtaining knowledge, no longer were people subject to what the Catholic Church said but they could demonstrate the complete opposite. For example, Aristotle was the authority when talking about the universe. He said the earth was the center and the heaviest part of the universe and that stars and planets revolved around it. Magicians, astrologers and alchemists started studying the universe because the Church accepted theories didn’t convince them. Astrologers used difficult mathematic problems to say where planets were located and how the universe was set. Also there were people called alchemists who used chemicals and elements to change any material into gold. This process is the beginning of modern chemistry. Furthermore, magicians and astrologers also helped sailors develop new ways of navigation and taught people many of their new ideas based on research. As many people like these began questioning the authorities in knowledge of the past, they turned to investigation and research as a way of proving that those explanations were wrong regarding who the world worked.

Information that was considered an absolute truth was then revealed as irrelevant and false by people in the Reformation and Scientific Revolution who...
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