Reflective Learning

Topics: Reflections, Reflection, Learning Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: April 18, 2010
Induction Module

1. In your answer, identify the main lines of argument and differences in points of view between the commentators and the author. Justify your own point of view regarding the importance of reflection to individual and organisational performance.

DiChiara (2002) states that there are a multitude of companies that seek to create an environment where learning and creativity can flourish, but in practice fall short due to a lack of understanding of what is truly required to facilitate reflective learning. DiChiara concerns his comments around the means in which the organisation can engage groups to nurture and develop communities where reflective practice takes place. In contrast, Raelin (2002) concentrates on the reflective skills (Raelin's five principal skills) that can be used by individuals in a group setting to encourage reflective practice. The main focus of DiChiara is around the importance of a 'safe space' to provide the environment conducive to reflection and the development of communities of practice. Indeed, this is identified as the essential building block necessary, which indicates that the responsibility of learning is mainly placed on the organisation and not on the skill of the individual as Raelin suggests.

McArthur (2002) uses his commentary to highlight the point that reflective practice does not necessarily require additional time, as reflection can be done during the event, coined as reflection-in-action by Schön (1983). Based on this train of thought, McArthur introduces two related points at which he disagrees or questions the conclusions of Raelin. Firstly, Raelin sets out guidelines regarding observing judgements where he states reactive thoughts should be examined to allow a 'more even-handed way of being', inferring that the reactive observation will ultimately be wrong. McArthur offers an alternative solution where the judgement may actually be correct and it is the method in which the judgement is...
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