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Reflective Learning Log
Bulman and Schutz (2004) define reflection as a process that reviews an experience of practice which enables the subject to describe, analyse and evaluate and so increases learning from experience. The reflective learning will uncover key outlining influences with regards to skills developed and analysed throughout the learning at work process in regards to four experiences gained during the placement. However in order to discuss the essay in a systematic way, defining the Gibbs model of reflection (1998) learning theory (see appendix 1) behind the self-reflection will offer an understanding of the reflection process used. Oxford Brooks University (2008) suggests that the cycle encourages you to think systematically around the stages of experiences and activities that have occurred.

The reflection will resolve around a teaching practice at East Norfolk Sixth Form College. The Sixth Form College delivers a wide variety of sport courses including As and A level PE, BTEC First and National Sport in addition to a Sports Performance and Coach education programme. With the vast variety of courses taught on I believe I will receive a more rounded approach to teaching on a number of sport courses which in turn will add to one’s employability.

Reflective Experience 1
After observing numerous lessons during the first week of teaching I was asked on arrival to teach 3 repeat lessons due to a staff absent within a subject I had not observed prior in the week.

To begin with I felt underprepared due my limited knowledge of the classes in addition to virtually no preparation time. However I was given the lesson plan which acted as a guide to teach from. Although I was given an option to decline I felt this was would be an ideal opportunity for me to begin teaching. As well as feeling underprepared I also felt nervous to an extent with regards to the outcome of the lesson. However once I delivered the initial lesson these perceived problems of being nervousness were being eradicated as I became far more confident in my delivery and preparation of each lesson. Kanter (2004) states that confidence is about believing in yourself and your own abilities.

Having to deliver lessons from second day I had limited time to observe other teachers in this environment. Blackmore (2011) indicates that observing other teachers allows the teacher to improve one's teaching whilst also gaining new ideas from the observed teachers. Having this opportunity in more lessons prior to beginning to I believe I would have benefitted more as I would be able to assess what is expected as well as being able to understand what was required when teaching college students. Although this would have been beneficial, delivering from the second allowed me to learn from mistakes such as organising and delegating tasks more efficiently during the first lesson lead me to become more effective in future lessons. I believe from making these mistakes early on it put me in good stead for the repeat lessons through experience first-hand what was required to complete a successful lesson through trial and error.

If this experience arose again, I would have chosen to teach the lessons again as this gave confidence early to then teach freely instead continuous observations over a prolonged period of time.

Reflective Experience 2
This experience relates to the first full lesson taught whereby I was solely responsible for the planning, preparation and delivery. The unit module was Sports development giving me a greater confidence and assurance with regards to greater subject knowledge, made evident by degree in Spots Development and coaching. With strong subject knowledge present this allowed me to go into greater depth regards to the preparation and planning of the lesson.

By planning the full lesson, the lesson plan allowed me to be in control therefore i would be able to implement and...
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