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Topics: Learning, Education, Student Pages: 4 (1500 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Topic: What are your goals and expectations of studying at Insearh? A goal is something that a person desires to achieve. Expectation is something what you think or hope will happen (Cambridge Dictionary). Each individual, group, community, or country has different goals and expectations… College students often desire to achieve multiple goals and expectations in their studies. The expectations of all students (include me) who are studying at Insearch is quite the same. That is, we want to achieve enough knowledge, skills and high grade which all will help for our future careers and make our life become better. Insearch is known as one of the professionally and modernly educational environment for all students, especially for international students. I think that I can improve and develop my study ability and get a good result in such environment. Teaching and studying methods at university differs from English course but is quite similar to diploma course. This is the reason I decided to study diploma course at Insearch to prepare for university. Beside the high grade, the most important thing that I really want to achieve is understanding, self-confidence and I can put all knowledge and into the practice. In order to achieve these things I must plan and organize my study appropriately as well as manage time effectively. I think that every student will have different orientation about their goals and expectations so they know how much study will be necessary for them. In my opinion, I would like to be an accountant and I assume that master degree is enough for me. There is not easy for me to balance between academic and social life because I grew up in a country where language, culture and education system…from Australia differs. When I came here, I had many problems. Throughout knowledge that I have been taught in Insearch I can balance academic and social life. I arrange and distribute time suitably. I try to complete my homework and...
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