Reflection Paper on Revivalism

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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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“Revivalism is an authentic Afro-Christian religious folk form that evolved during the eighteenth to nineteenth century. Initially, it was the native Baptist Christians who joined forces with the Moravians, and other non-conformist churches to become the forerunners of the movement. However, Jamaica was said to have experienced a religious movement called the Great Revival in 1861, which saw the incorporation of much more African retention in the movement. Pocomania is more African in form while Zion is more Christian oriented.” [1]

Upon preparing to embark this journey, I was a bit disgruntled that I had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go this “Watt Town” excursion, but I still approached with a open mind, though I had an idea of what to expect, seeing that I was already acquainted with quite a few Revivalists. Honestly I expected it to be a waste of time, but upon seeing the fellowship of my friends, while waiting on the buses which were scheduled to take us on our journey it got easier and easier, we engaged in jokes and hymns we swore were Revivalist hymns but Mr. Grey quickly busted our bubble and told us that those hymns were Pentecostal. We were greeted by a semi-pleasant but slow bus driver, but the vibe in our bus quickly took our minds off the length of the journey.

I view Revivalists as highly religious people who are in tune with spirits with from various realms, known as Heaven, Earth and Ground spirit realms, I met with a lot of different Revivalists, but what I found rather interesting was the fact that the core of what they were saying were similar but they were also many subtle differences, For example I met with a man, whose name is Joseph Whitter, of the Olivette Seventh day church. and he seemed to be quite respected in the church community, he blatantly stated at the beginning of the conversation that, “Revivalism is the only way to be saved”, we had a long drawn out discussion on what are my personal views on religion and the opening statement he made, where I told him that I strongly disagree with that statement and I believe that there is only one God and peace and love is the ultimate goal, which everyone should try to achieve, no matter what religion one identifies with. I then met with Miss. Barbara Harper of the same church, Olivette Seventh day church, and she stated that people should go to any church they want to go to and do anything that is truly pleasing to God, when I mentioned what her church brother thought about the same thing, she said that there is no one way to get to heaven and that people spend more of their time in competition with other denominations and religions rather than giving praises to the most high. I laughed a bit and I was in total agreement with her statement. We then started to talk about her life, and how she was before she identified that Revivalism was for her, I could see that the movement actually helped her and improved her life, before moving on I thanked her for being so honest and reasoning with me, telling her that I would listen to her talk any day for she had a liberal and open mind and I absolutely hated radical minded people, who try to force their doctrines and beliefs down peoples throats.

When we finally arrived at Watt Town, after our extra long journey I had no idea of what I was about to witness, the site was like nothing I had seen before, I was greeted by what had seemed to be hundreds of people, I discovered that Watt Town was having what had seemed like an inter -church convention. I saw children from various schools and young adults like our selves there to see this feat. One of the first things I noticed about the Revivalists was they were wearing different uniforms in different styles and colours, I wondered and asked why were they dressed like this and a kind lady told me that each church was represented by different uniforms. The seal is the focal point of the church; this is where the angels...
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