Reflection Paper About Vocation of a Business Leader

Topics: Ethics, Happiness, English-language films Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The Vocation of the Business Leader aims to open the eyes and hearts of the people not just merely business leaders, but of all the people who are in the position and capable of leadership. This only tells us that we should not think of ourselves always. Everything is not about us all the time. As business leaders, they should not aim for the success of themselves alone but also for the success of everyone in the company. Because with great power comes great responsibilities. Moreover, business leaders can put aspiration into practice when their vocation is motivated by much more than financial success. Change is the only constant thing in the world as they say. Not only does the world change alone but also the culture and people as well. People who were given the chance of power would always abuse it; use this power to gain more, even though at times they have to step on other people’s foot just to be on top. Though it’s really hard to do and pick the right thing because sometimes doing the right thing means sacrificing your own happiness and benefit for the good of all. On the other hand, doing the right thing won’t be hard as it may seem if we only practice doing it often. The mantra “For the common good.. For the common good” should be repeated over and over again in our head, through this simple way we could remind ourselves to always choose what is ethically and morally right. Greed for wealth, power and fame is the root of all evil in this world. Jesus created the world with fairness, he created everything exactly for each one of us so that people would not whine and complain about what he does not have and what other have; but people have never been contented. As what Economics would define, the never ending wants and needs of people. Sometimes, I would stare at the window of my condo contemplating about what the world might have been if only people were happy and contented of what they have. Then, there would be no pollution, beggars and annoying...
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