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Name: Neil Michael D. AlcalaDate: November 29, 2012
Subject: Self-Awareness and Self-Discovery
The talk was basically about the history of a cooperative, what is cooperative and what does ASIAPRO, as a cooperative do. The speaker stated that a cooperative is making its members as co-owners in the company. They don’t want to close doors for privileges to their own members. They all want to work together as WORKER-OWNERS that progresses the company toward its success. The idea of a cooperative is healthy to the company, because they want their members to be a vital part as the company grows. The thing I got from the talk is, a cooperative really maintains the word “cooperation” in their workplace. They all want to create cooperation, not just for profit, productivity and efficiency but also to cooperate as a progressing organization that cultures unity and equality. It made me realize that it is really great for a company to be strong and last long, their members should be treated as vital part in their company. Reaction

I’m happy that cooperatives, like ASIAPRO, managed to give credit to their worker-owners because they will serve as stepping stones to company’s fulfillment of success. It gives the members of the company more importance. And as they do this, the members will give them the productivity and even, fulfillment that the company wants. Application

It is a good choice, as future entrepreneurs, to also make our workers and members as worker-owners so that they would be given importance and they are not treated as a cogwheel in the organization. With giving moral support and showing importance, the members will do their best at their field. Lessons Learned

I learned that if we give members, or even people, the importance that they would feel that they do good, they will help you towards the end that will also lead you to your own success. It is important to show that they are needed by...
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