Reflection on Service Practicum

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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The old saying, “People never care what you learn until they learn that you care for them”, never gave me any sense of meaning until we were informed that we will be teaching English to elementary pupils of Canduman Elementary School sooner.

As the news echoed into my head, I have to embrace a lot of odd feelings of uncertainties, anxieties, challenges and fright. The last being the most dreadful feeling that I have to conquer.
But what makes this service practicum a frightening experience for me? The fact that I am not a well-versed person in English, honestly, made me tremble with fear. I have to admit it beyond certainty that I’m not as good as everyone else in English in our class. Nevertheless, the simple thought of it made me realized more the possibility of overcoming my fear only if I believed in God and trusted Him in carrying this endeavor.

Likewise, in as much as I am offering my service practicum to God, it dawned on me that I have do my fair share of responsibilities, otherwise, my act of selfless service to the children will turn out to be nothing.

Although the service practicum offered me a mixed of undefined emotions, still I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being challenged in carrying the task. I often ask, “What difference can I make to the children after engaging into this?” Could I make the children who are non-readers in English a reader?” How could it make me a better person?”
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