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Mission and Vision Statement
I will strive to educate all children. I will create learners that work together in a safe, respectful learning environment that encourages involvement, independence and responsibility. I will teach students to have high expectations and cooperation that will result in lifelong personal growth ( Majerich, D. M. (2012, September). Retreading the Grades K-16 Coordination Mission Statement).

As a classroom teacher it is very important to have your classroom set up to meet the needs of all students. My classroom will be organized so that students can work comfortably in the reading center, listening center, computer station, and teacher intervention center.

The reading center will have an ample amount of books; these books will include fiction, nonfiction, cultural books, holiday books, and seasonal reading material. In this center students will have the opportunity to read books or listen to them on the tape recorder with a partner. The reading center will have colorful beanbags for students to sit on just as well as a colorful sofa set. The bookshelves will be arranged so that students have privacy while reading, but the teacher will be able to monitor this area just as well as all others.

The computer station will be in a part of the room so that other students will not be distracted easily. Educational websites will be posted on the wall for students to see. Other websites will be saved on the computers desktop. On a daily basis students will be told what skills they will be working on when they go to the computer station.

The teacher intervention center will be set up so that students have access to all material needed while doing intervention with the teacher. Material will include paper, pencils, and reading

Mission and Vision Statement
books, crayons and any other supplies needed. This center will be set up so that I can monitor all centers or stations.
The student’s desk will be set up where they can work in groups without having to move desks around. Setting desk up in fours will allow students to become collaborative learners. The teacher’s desk will be in an area in the room so that students can be monitored at all times. Students will not be grouped according to their academic ability. During whole group instruction students will have a designated spot in the classroom to meet. Having an organized room for students this will promote better classroom instruction.

My students will be able to recognize their alphabets and vowel sounds. When students master these skills they will begin to put letter together to make words. Students will be able to read the basic sight words. Students are able to read short words and sentences. Students will be able to write short sentences and read them with understanding.

My students will be taught about setting their own goals. This can lay the foundation for future success. Setting classroom goals can foster the sense of community and teamwork in the classroom.
My academic goal is that all students are able to read before leaving my classroom. Students will be encouraged to read on a daily basis at home and school in order to become fluent readers.
Students will also be introduced to technology. Students will learn the basics about computers and learn the keys on the keyboard. This includes recognizing the letters, punctuation marks and other keys on the keyboards needed. Running head: COMPREHENSIVE CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY PLAN

Mission and Vision Statement
students will be knowledgeable about using computers and the basic functions. Students will learn how to get on suggested websites with or without teacher’s assistance.
My students will be able to read with understanding and tackle unfamiliar words. Students will be able to use skills taught to build their reading skills.
My students will be able to make a...
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