References to the Moon in 'Moon Palace'

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References to the moon

Moon is the Leitmotif of the book -> title
Is mentionend several times in the story
Which effect does the moon have on Marco and his story?


Book begins and ends with references to the moon
Beginning: story of Marco begins in the summer when the first man landed on the moon (p.1) End: Marco stands at the beach, moon cames up from behind the hills… Marco can’t keep his eyes of the moon until it disappears in the darkness (p. 298) Moon is important for the beginning and for the end of Marco’s story, when his life changes

But the moon is also always mentioned when Marco comes a little step closer to find his new identity…

Marco finds the sign of a china-restaurant named ‘Moon Palace’ ‘I Immediately thought of uncle Victor and his band, and in that first, irrational moment, my fears lost their hold on me. …’ (p.16) what the sign means to Marco is explained later

‘I can’t be sure of any of it, but the fact was that the words Moon Palace began to haunt my mind with all the mystery and fascination of an oracle…..’ (p.31) Marco just saw the picture ‘Moonlight’ by Blakelock and discribes his feelings about it ‘ I stayed with the painting for more than an hour. I stood back from it, I moved up close to it, I gradually learned it by heart. I wasn’t sure if I had discovered what Effing thought I would, but by the time I left the museum, I felt that I had discovered something, even if I didn’t know what it was.’ (p.135)

Also interesting:

Band of uncle Victor called‘ Howie Dunn’s Moonlight Moods’ Next band after having disbanded the old one is called ‘Moon Men’ When Marco finds ten dollars he goes eating in a reataurant where the moon landing is send on TV Conversation with kitty and the others about the moonlanding – Marco wants to impress with what he knows and gaines the name ‘Cyrano’ Marco meets a men called neil Armstrong, like the first man on the moon was called Marco...
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