Red Tape

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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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What does the term red tape mean, and how does it relate to the Federal Bureaucracy? The “Red Tape” is originated far before the U.S. Congress, there was hundreds of years that all papal proclamations orders that had been followed and they were bound in red tape. This continued in England and was even carried to the U.S. The first major was discussion about the Civil War Veterans and also they had their records that bounded in red tape and also it was very difficult to get access to them It was also considered in modern Federal Bureaucracy, which this means that where someone needs to follow the rules fastidiously in order to get something accomplished. Many public and private organizations provided grants and tend to make the rules very specific, also if you missed even one payment you will not be granted the money to use. Many small towns that do not have someone with a lot of experience applying for money would lose out to Federal Government and other groups that offer funds for specific projects. The red tape can also be used to catch all phrases for many situations where you need to complete multiple forms for many of the same things or even have to get approval from multiple committees that can tie up constrict for someone’s efforts to move ahead with a projects or plans.

To what extent is Congress to blame for Bureaucratic Red Tape? The Government seems to be tied to having Red Tape, There is something about the structure that makes all set rules, and some of which are redundant, looking back to see if they have duplicating efforts occur often, especially in situation like the U.S. Congress, The House and the Senate supposed to work together but often look at the same results and drawing two different conclusions, they often set up their own process to make sure things are approved correct. The red tape had become a formalized system, and it seems to follow basic laws which are called “Rule Density”. If there is not enough rules governing a...
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