Red Riding Hood

Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Seduction, Abuse Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Analysis 2: Evaluative Essay

Our group first read the play of Little Red Riding Hood by the Grimm Brothers in our seminar; we then had a group discussion about what we each thought were the main themes that stood out to us, and ideas of how to portray them through our performance. We came up with:

1. Temptation
2. Desire
3. Frustration
4. Anger
5. Seduction
6. Decision making / choosing the right path

I looked into other international versions of the play, for example Lon Po Po is the Chinese version written by Ed Young, also Little Red Hat written in Italy/Austria, and three main themes stood out to me, choosing the right path, seduction and temptation.

I also read Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner, and this version really made me think about social and cultural issues that have influenced this story, this story was first written in a time without equal rights and political fairness, and this version shows how our society has changed an adapted this story, when first written this story had one moral for young children to steer away from strangers, this because of our society today has changed, into a more sexist version of young girls staying away from men, and how men can be dangerous and violent.

These issues that have changed because of society, stood out to me, and I wanted to create a modern version with the same issues, however not having a sexiest view, I believe women can seduce men, giving wrong impressions, making a man frustrated or the other way around, and violence can come from both sexes too.

We had four main characters two boys and two girls, and a problem we had to overcome was how to show our themes through a story line, we wanted to have a twist in the story to show choosing the right path, and the audience seeing the separate paths chosen by each character. A bar set up; is a typical place were certain paths need to be chosen. I was a seducing...
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