Red Pada and Red Fox

Topics: Red Panda, Bamboo, Fox Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 9, 2010
The Red Panda comes from the family of Ailuridae and its scientific name is Ailurus Fulgens. The Red Fox, whose scientific name is Vulpes Vulpes, is from the Canidae family. They are both mammals and are the same size. However, the Red Panda and the Red Fox share similarities and differences in their appearance, habitat, diet, behaviour, reproduction and status of population. First of all, the Red Panda and the Red Fox are quite similar but a little different in their appearance. Like the Red Fox, the Red Panda has four legs, two ears, a black nose and two eyes at the side of their heads. They also have a long bushy tails with which they keep themselves warm, like a cover, in winter. The Red Panda looks like a cat, while the Red Fox looks like a dog. The main colour of the fur of these two animals is red. The Red Panda has while fur on its cheeks, around its eyes, and has black fur from its neck to its feet. In contrast, the Red Fox has while fur from its neck to its stomach and has black fur on its ears. There are both similarities and difference in their habitat. The Red fox and the Red Panda can both be found in the forest. But the Red Panda lives in temperature bamboo forests in northeast Asia, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Laos, Myanmar and Eastern Himalaya mountain at 1500-4000m above sea level. While the Red Fox lives around the world in many kinds of environments such as forests, grasslands, mountains and deserts. Most of the Red Foxes are found in the United States , Canada, Asia and Europe. The Red Panda sleeps in trees, whereas the Red Fox sleeps in dens. The next similarities and differences of them are in their diet. Both the Red Panda and the Red Fox eat many kinds of food, such as fruit, insects, bird’s egg, small birds and rodents. The main food of the Red Panda is bamboo leaves and young bamboo, while the favourite food of the Red Fox is rodents. In terms of behaviour they are somewhat similar, but there are also some differences. They are both...
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