Red Convertiable

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Jasmine runckel
English 107
Draft 1
Lyman “red convertible” essay
In the “red convertible”, by Louis Edrich, tells the story of two Native American boys, henry and Lyman. Lyman the youngest brother is a hardworking, optimistic, and a loving brother. He has a natural talent for making money and because his eye for business he was able to buy and become owner of his own Café by the time he was sixteen. He worked hard constantly pushing himself and striving to achieve new goals and finally he could own his own place, but within a year the worst storm the reservation had seen in years had destroyed the building. But even with such a loss, Lyman was smart and was able to make a nice profit from the insurance money. One day his brother and he were walking around off the reservation at Winnipeg. They happen to be caring their entire saving when they saw a beautiful red convertible for sale. Without much thought the brothers purchased the vehicle, they traveled, driving all over the United States and enjoying all the marvelous sights. But one day a couple of weeks into the summer he ran a cross a girl in search of help. She was desperately trying to get back home to chicken Alaska, henry and Lyman both decide that they would take her home and fell in love with the place. The almost constant sun was addicting but to soon the seasons began there change and darkness began to take over as the winters chill became prominent, it was time to leave to finish there journey the boys decided. They continued traveling all over the contantel u.s. before finally finding themselves home, and sadly for henry the homecoming was short live. The military had called on him, accepting his enlistment and drafting him into the marines. Herny was away for three years and during his time in the vitame war he had been capture, but for his younger brother those three years were full of enterprise and maintaining they’re car, always keeping henry in his thoughts. One day when henry came back he was not the same, the war and his own demons had destroyed the brother Lyman had once cherished, and the car, that red convertible was all that held what little remained of his brother. So Lyman being a smart young man decided to try and help his brother, he destroyed the car making it into a mere peace of trash, this lead to henry fixing it. For months he struggled putting the pieces back to getter until final the man before Lyman resembled his brother. When the car was finished henry dragged Lyman out, they drove all around till finally they arrived at a river. Sitting on the car and listening to his brother as he told him about his hell hurt Lyman but he needed to be there for his brother. Finally henry told Lyman that he had known that Lyman purposely destroyed the car, henry thanks Lyman and tries to give the car to his younger brother but Lyman won’t take it. They end up fighting and finally laughing. But Lyman notices a change quickly cross his brother, he becomes cold and distant the more they talk till final henry jumps up and says he needs to cool off. Lyman watches as his brother jumps into the river hear the first splash and panics when nothing else is heard. When he reaches the river his brother has just come up and he manages to hears, “my boots are filling,” before he watches his brother drown. He couldn’t find his brother, no matter how hard he tried. But once again on land he couldn’t look at the once important convertible that held him and his big brother together, so he rolled it into the river.

Jasmine runckel
English 107
Draft 2
Lyman “red convertible” essay
In the “red convertible”, by Louis Edrich, the narrator and protagonist, Lyman tells the story of his brother, henry and himself. This is in many ways a story of a young man trying to find his way and who he is.

Lyman is the youngest brother and known for being hardworking, optimistic, and a caring person. He has a natural talent for making money, and for a Chippewa Native...
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