Records Organization

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The similarities that I found for the organizations of patient files are that most of the paper files between the small and medium facilities are handled the same way. With the demographics and administrative filed on the left and medical on the right. Such as reports of labs, patient progress notes, prescription documentation, and any miscellaneous reports. Some of the small and medium facilities seem to use this filing method. This filing works well in a small to medium facility because there are not many files for the staff members to handle on a daily basis. I believe this system would not work with large facilities because the large facilities will need to use a filing system that is beneficial to the facility to keep track of patient’s files.

The difference that I saw with the patient files are there organized by different departments and chronological, oldest to newest in small facilities and also organized using filing alphabetically this filing system will work because it will help keep these facilities organized and help maintain the patients records efficiently. In large facilities numerical filing will work to keep track of all patient files.

The similarities I found with all three facilities are that loose documentation remains loose until the attending physician or the patient signs the required documentation needed. All this is done before anchored into patient files. Any remaining administrative documentation is anchored when found loose. Some facilities have documentation always anchored. I found no differences with the facilities. The staff members always receive approval before the loose documents are anchored into a file. I believe the reason the facilities are so careful when filing important documentation because this ensures the staff members are taking his or her time to improve efficiency in health care organizations.
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