Record Control Management

Topics: Patient, Difference, Patience Pages: 5 (783 words) Published: October 22, 2010
In the small, medium, and large facilities there are some similarities and differences in

circulation, tracking, and security measures. The majority of small facilities are still using

paper charts and most of these facilities have a need for circulation and have different l

locations for their charts. These small facilities also have problems with having the wrong

papers in the patient’s charts and having misplaced papers. Most of the small facilities

keep their patients charts locked and secured. If these small facilities lose a chart they

really have no way to replace them since they are on paper and not electronic. As far as

the patients that no longer visit the facility they usually have them destroyed after so many

years or they are in an archive.

In the medium size facilities there is a mixture of paper charts and electronic charts.

The medium facilities that use electronic charts do not have a need for circulation or do

not have different locations for their charts. The medium facilities that have charts have

different locations for their charts and have a need to circulate. These medium facilities

have problems with misplaced charts, lost papers, or coding/billing problems. The facilities

that still use paper charts have them locked up and the ones that use electronic charts have

them password protected. The medium facilities keep their patients privacy by upholding

the HIPAA laws or having the charts where no one can see them. Most medium facilities

that use electronic records do not lose their patients chart since they have them on

computers, the ones that still use paper charts are more likely to lose the patients charts

and have a harder time reproducing them. When patients no longer visit the facilities that

have electronic records they usually archived and the ones that still use paper charts have

them shredded or stored on the offsite storage.

With the large facilities, the majority of them use electronic records. With electronic records there is no need for circulation nor is there any reason for different locations for

the patient’s charts. The biggest problem within the large facilities are the release of

medical information and having the wrong diagnosis put in for the patient. Privacy and

storage is not a major problem for the larger facilities since there computers are password

protected and only staff members have access to the patients files. If the larger facilities

happen to lose a chart they can be reproduced since everything is on the computers. As far

as the patients who no longer visit the facilities the files are stored on site or are still on the


There are several similarities and differences between the small, medium, and large

facilities. I believe that the reasons for the differences between the small, medium , and

large facilities have to do with whether they have electronic records or paper records. The

differences also have to do with how each facility runs their own facility. Each facility is

different and each doctor or administrator wants things done there way. Each facility has

adopted their own way of doing things and must be learned when working in that facility.

Each facility seems to with hold the HIPAA laws and keeps patients files secured.

If the staff members, whether they work in a small, medium, or large facility were not

follow their facilities procedures it could really mess up the way things are run in that

office. If staff members were to leave computers on or leave charts out in the open then

the patients privacy would be violated. Whether someone works in a small, medium, or

large facility they must learn the way things are ran so they can ensure that they withhold

the privacy of the patients at all time. Whether you work with paper charts or electronic

charts, patient’s...
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