Reconstruction Era

Topics: American Civil War, Reconstruction era of the United States, Southern United States Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: February 3, 2013
United States struggled through many issues during a period called The Reconstruction. With problems that came after the Civil war like segregation and unresolved problems with the seceded states. The Reconstruction era brought about repair from the slavery abolishment. The Civil War also caused great deal of pain throughout the states themselves having brought a big deal of hatred towards the North and the South because of their different opinions on views of people. They refused to, “work together,” making it harder to Reconstruct then it should have been. Economics, social, and political impacts forced the Reconstruction to become a bigger deal then it actually should have been, and these are some points on how it turned out like this. When the Civil War ended and the slaves were finally free they had no place to live. Having lived with their former, “masters,” the now freed slaves had no other choice but to settle down with them. Available jobs didn’t want them because they were, “colored men.” This brought up the crop lien work contracts. The deal with this contract would have the men work on plantations and earn a share of the money instead of working for free like they did before the Civil War. Having this contract made it seem like life would be easier for them. The white plantation owners actually charged them for just about everything they did while working on the plantation. For example if they used a tool they would be charged for using it, if they ate they would be charged for eating it, and even pay for the shelter they would sit and sleep in. The white plantation owner would deduct all this money from the African Americans’ pay check. Since the Black Codes prevented freedmen from owing money, when the deductions were taken the African man would be in debt to the American white man and would again be forced to work another harvest since he needed money to continue on his life. The new system that was brought up, crop lien contract was another way to...
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