Recommondation Letter for S.N.Bose Program

Topics: Positive psychology, Intelligence, Confidence interval Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: February 8, 2013
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To whom it may concern,

"I first knew Aditi Shukla in her 3rd semester of B.Tech. Chemical Engineering course when she studied in my classroom and laboratory for close to 1year. Having kept in touch with Aditi in the 2 semesters, I am confident in my knowledge of her.

To begin with, Aditi is exceptionally intelligent. She proved to be a very quick study, learning the elements of experimental design. Aditi threw herself into her assigned projects wholeheartedly, and shows every sign of having real talent in. She is an excellent student, with a lively, thoughtful and penetrating curiosity that makes her dissatisfied with superficial explanations. That curiosity frequently led our lectures down avenues and into areas that, otherwise, would have remained unexplored….

One has only to speak to her to recognize her openness and eagerness she is very good at working with other people. She is exceptionally nice and considerate and sensitive. Aditi is not only good humored and friendly, but also is good at gauging other people's level of knowledge and attitudes.

I would expect Aditi to bring these same qualities of character to… That is, an openness to new places, peoples, cultures and customs; a keen intelligence, with which to analyze and order her experience; irrepressible curiosity; and an unusual ability for dealing with people of all ages and conditions. Those qualities, combined with her toughness of character…, will enable her to understand and empathize with others while never losing touch with who she is.

In short, I give Aditi my highest recommendation to your internship program with absolute...
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