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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to recommend Mr. to take up his advance studies , at your esteemed university. During my tenure in the department of _________ in this institution I have had the opportunity to guide and assess quite a number of students. However each year I notice that only a few outstanding students offer a unique perspective and really embrace their learning of the subject matter Mr. has consistently shown such a strong desire to learn that I simply could not turn down his request for recommendation. Mr. has been known to me since he joined his Bachelor's of Commerce degree program. I have found him intelligent and very sincere towards his studies. He is self-motivated and always keeps ahead of his peers. Due to his efforts and sincerity, his performance records can be placed in top 10% in my subject and top 20% overall. Mr. also devotes his time in extra-curricular activities and kept exact balance between studies and other activities.. He showed keen interest in issues related to the environment and is a very good hockey player. He is popular among his all classmates due to his sense of humour and friendly nature. Therefore I feel much pleasure while recommending Mr for pursing his higher studies at your esteemed university and I am confident he will excel in his studies. I am sure you are going to consider the recommendation favourably. Feel free to contact me if you require further information. Sincerely, (name of professor...
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